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You'll look so very stylin' while you're as cool as ice, thanks to the high-quality fabric in our party shirts. They feel like silk and breathe like cotton. Kurly Wurly Bar party shirts are available in sizes S to 4XL. Our fit is generous, so you can possibly even go down a size.

ChikoMan Button-Up Shirt


This casual button-up party shirt has the chilled vibes of the past and it's packed with quirkiness. The Chiko Roll is an Australian icon that tops off a great day surfing. That's why ChikoMan brings his own surfboard-sized Chiko Roll to the beach. Made from rayon derived from wood pulp, the ChikoMan beach shirt is available in sizes S to 4XL.

Galah Button-Up Shirt (Pink)


This party shirt is soft, lightweight and very comfortable. The galahs give you the bright colour of a hawaiian shirt without looking like, well, a galah! Definitely a head turner and a bringer of compliments while you relax with a coldie. Made from rayon derived from wood pulp, Galah is available in sizes S to 4XL. It'll be your favourite beach shirt forever.

Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt (Blue) Rayon


The surf is a calling all year round and what beach shirt is going to make the dude in you happy? It's gotta be Surfer Dude that will get all the looks from the beach to the bar! Just like rolling in on the crest of a barrel in a gnarly left siding wave thingy – well at least you’ll look the part. Made from rayon derived from wood pulp, SurferDude is a fun Aussie shirt that's available in sizes S to 4XL.

The Burnt Seagull Button-Up Shirt


A great looking button-up party shirt full of sea gulls including the famous 'burnt' one – legend has it he was the only gull ever to forget to put on sun cream, and boy did he cop it! Also look for the drunk/sleepy gull who just can't handle his chips.

This fun Aussie shirt is made from super soft tencel, defining a new standard of sustainability and comfort. Burnt Seagull is available from S - 2XL."

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What they're saying

Matt Hayward

"I love my Kurly Wurly apparel. The designs are truly unique, and quintessentially Australian. Everyone I talk to when I’m wearing my Kurly clothes comments on how great the threads are. I look forward to an expanded range so I can house my short and kurlys in some Kurly Wurly jocks."

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