Surfer Dudes


Based in the beautiful North Shores of Sydney, it’s no surprise that the Surfer Dude is one of Kurly’s first and most popular designs. Surfing is quintessentially Australian; a laidback way to make the most of the incredible beaches, waves, and lifestyle that the country has to offer. If you’ve ever travelled overseas, you’ve probably come across people who assume that because you’re Australian, you must know how to surf! To which you can reply that indeed, instead of the bus, Australian school kids catch barrel-waves to school. Even in the bush.

Just like in real life, Kurly’s Surfer Dudes and Dudettes come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and ages. Hand-drawn by Kurly himself, the design captures the Aussie essence of moseying down to the beach with a bucket hat on your head and a surfboard under your arm - without a care in the world.

Whether you know how to ‘cutback’ or what a ‘kook’ is or not, you can embrace the spirit of sun, sand, and surf with the Surfer Dude collection available in a range of cool, quality items. They make excellent surfing themed gifts for surfers, or just admirers of the surfing ethos. Cool surfing gifts are for everyone, yourself included; and we know you’ll be totally stoked.

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The best gifts for a surfer

The Kurly Wurly Bar offers a big range of surfing themed gifts that make excellent pressies for the surfing lover (or admirer) in your life. Popular within the collection is the Surfer Dude Beach Towel - inspired by and made for the beach. Lightweight and super soft, it captures the carefree philosophy of the surfing community in its design and makes an excellent place to keep your stuff on the beach while you attempt a ‘punt’ off of the ‘lip’.

Another unique and useful gift for a surfer is the Surfer Dude Stubby Holder. Nothing sucks more than a ‘wipeout’ - except for drinking a warm beer. The Surfer Dude Stubby Holder is a funny novelty stubby holder that shows a real appreciation for beach culture, standing out from the rest. Best used after a solid beach session in the sun, we’ve heard it even makes your beer taste cooler. On the beach, in the park, in your mate Ryan’s backyard, surfing culture can be taken everywhere you go with a quality beer stubby holder.

What should I wear to the beach?

It doesn’t get more Aussie or Beachy than the Bucket Hat. Bucket hats are a staple in Aussie surfing communities, being both sun smart and super spunky. The Surfer Dudes on the Surfer Dude Bucket Hat are even wearing bucket hats themselves - it’s bucket hat-ception!. It’s also reversible, meaning you can rock two different designs depending on whether you feel like surfing normally, or surfing on a Chiko Roll (if you know, you know).

Combine a hat with a loose, comfortable shirt and some shorts, and you have yourself a full surfing attire. The Surfer Dude collection also features tees and button-up shirts that are cool, calm and composed - just like the surfer’s featured on them. Aussie designed and hand-illustrated, they are a fresh and fun way to funk up your wardrobe.

Whether you’re off to catch some waves on the Goldie or sunbathing on the sand in Byron, you can do it in style in Kurly’s Surfer Dudes gear.