Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt

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There’s something about a surfer dude that just screams ‘chill’. Maybe it’s the shirt they wear to the beach or the way they can hang ten on a longboard. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that these sun-kissed ocean-lovers have a certain je ne sais quoi.

What better way to capture the art of chilled-out living than with Kurly’s Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt. Hand drawn and designed in Australia, this shirt will have you with your surfboard under your arm and your towel over your shoulder in two seconds flat.

So, if a seagull has stolen your chips or your feet are burning on the hot sand, just take a cue from the surfer dudes, pop on a shirt, and relax. The waves will still be there when you’re ready to catch them.

What is the Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt made of?

Our button-up shirts are made of rayon, a light and airy fabric made from wood pulp. It feels like silk and breaths like cotton, making it ideal for days spent in the sun and salty water. Plus, it’s short sleeved to keep you breezy in hot weather. No more embarrassing sweat patches!

The perfect beach party shirt

There’s nothing like our Surfer Dude Shirt to get you in the barrel-shaka-ridden mood for some summer fun. Pair it with the Surfer Dude Bucket Hat and Stubby Holder and you’ll be the talk of the beach club. And of course, no beach party outfit is complete without a healthy dose of sunblock to ensure you don’t turn into a Burnt Seagull.

What to get the surfer that has everything?

From Bronte to Noosa, there are plenty of beach and surf themed gifts to choose from. But we can guarantee that your surfer friend doesn’t own anything quite like Kurly’s Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn on the beach, in the water, or even on land. It’s sure to make a splash and please even the pickiest of wave riders.

Australia's best all-over button up shirt - a creative gift for surfers.
Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt
Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt
Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt
Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt
Surfer Dude Button-Up Shirt