Nothing says ‘Straya’ like one of Kurly’s Aussie shirts. They’re funny, unique, and perfect for any shindig.

Our shirts are sure to give you a laugh and win you best dressed, whether you’re partying on the beach, at the pub on a buck’s night out, or holding a coldie at the BBQ.

We’ve got tonnes of designs and styles that feature some of Australia’s tastiest snacks and cutest native wildlife.

So, next time you need a gift for a mate, remember that one of Kurly’s shirts is always a winner!

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The perfect Australia themed shirt

If you’re looking for a classic Australian shirt, you can’t go wrong with one featuring the humble Chiko Roll. This delicious snack is a servo staple, and it looks even better on a shirt!

If you prefer something cute and cuddly, check out our shirts that feature our native wildlife, such as the pink galah and yellow-tailed black cockatoo. They’re far less scary than the suburban magpie.

Of course, no Australian shirt would be complete without mentioning the country’s famous beaches. From Bondi to Byron Bay, our surfer dude shirt is the perfect gift for any water baby.

Australian designed shirts

There’s no doubt that Aussies know how to design some seriously trendy shirts. From iconic brands like Bonds and Rip Curl to more niche labels like The People Vs., there’s something for everyone down under.

And, of course, let’s not forget about all the fantastic independent designers who are creating some truly unique designs, like Kurly!

If you’re looking for some fabulous shirt inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

What should I wear to a party?

Crikey! Is it party shirt season again? Forget about your old faithful – the ones with the stains from last year’s Christmas party or the permanently wrinkled shirt from the bottom of your draw. Instead, crack open a beer, put on your bright and colourful Kurly shirt, and let the good times roll.

Funny Australian shirts for Dad

There’s nothing like a good dad bod to get the party started, and there’s no better way for your dad to show off his bod than by wearing one of Kurly’s shirts.

Whether he’s grilling up some burgers after a surf or just enjoying a few Cheezels around the pool, our shirts will let everyone know that your dad is the life of the party.