ChikoMan Button-Up Shirt

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The Chiko Roll is an iconic Australian snack often picked up after a great day surfing. But no one wants to see you with your sandy feet at the servo; that’s why ChikoMan brings his own surfboard-size Chiko Roll to the beach.

This casual button-up shirt captures the chilled-out vibes of 70s Australia, packed with nostalgia and quirky characters. Originally featured as a cameo on our Surfer Dude design, ChikoMan grew in popularity and eventually earnt his own exclusive range. People just absolutely love this guy.

While this best-selling shirt hasn’t been deep fried, it is extra crispy, so you’ll be looking and feeling like the absolute snack you are.

What is the ChikoMan Button-Up Shirt made of?

This ChikoMan design is eye-catching and fun, and the shirt itself is made from high quality rayon that will last. It breathes like cotton, so it’s great for a summer party, especially if you plan to sneak a few sausage rolls under your shirt when you leave. Plus, the ChikoMan design is sure to get a few laughs whenever you wear it. It’s an outstanding icebreaker.

What to wear to a BBQ

Let’s be honest, throwing a good BBQ party can be tough. You’ve got to have killer tunes, strong drinks, and the right crowd. But what about your outfit? The ChikoMan Button-Up Shirt is the perfect way to add some fun and uniqueness to your next shindig. Pair them with our shorts and bucket hat and we guarantee you’ll be the tastiest snack at the party.

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ChikoMan Button-Up Shirt
ChikoMan Button-Up Shirt
ChikoMan Button-Up Shirt