Where Did Stubby Holders Come From? Everything you need to know

If you don't want to give up a bottle of chilled beer despite the cold weather; you’re not alone. We feel you.

What does the weather have to do with it? Well, when one wants to enjoy their favourite drink and let their hair down, one wants to do so in comfort. Unfortunately, the cold weather can be a spoilsport. But not if you have the humble, famous, and handy stubby holder with you.

Kurly Wurly Bar's stubby holder range at the beach

The popularity of stubby holders shouldn't really surprise anyone. After all, who doesn’t love a stubby cooler in their hand that will keep their beer cold and mitts warm? Indeed, the ingenious creativity of the stubby holder is the perfect gift for all the beer lovers out there. And they go perfectly well with your party shirt if you mix and match correctly ;)

young man with matching pink outfit and stubby holder by pool

The Stubby Holder: Designed For Comfort

As you leisurely sip your beer, noticing how its cold temperature is retained while you don't feel a thing on your hands, one thought must pop up in your mind: Who came up with the idea? How did stubby holders come into our lives and solve an issue that had been troubling generations?

Are stubby holders Australian?

Stubby holders originated from Australia in 1983. Indeed, for over 40 years the popular item has been taking care of both beer lovers and their hands. Stubby holders were initially designed for shorter and fatter beer bottles.

There's extensive debate about who exactly came up with the idea. There are many with tall claims but not enough evidence. The topic, to this day, is shrouded in mythology and mystery, befitting of such a brilliant product of human ingenuity.

It's widely believed that the first type of stubby holder was made by Bonnie McGough in Idaho, the USA, in 1981. If you believe this version, Shah Walsh from Australia is credited with creating a newer, better model of the idea to cater to fatter, more universal bottle sizes.

novelty stubby holders on clothes line

Irrespective of who came up with the idea, we can agree on one thing. It's genius!

There's incredible variation in stubby holder designs. Stubby holders are typically made from neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber resistant to water and UV rays. Hence it can protect your drink even when placed in direct sunlight. How freaking good.

Since its creation, stubby holders have become Australian icons. Fellow Aussie battler Phil Stock in Coffs Harbor won the Guinness World record title for having the largest collection of stubby holders in 2014. He had over 2700 stubbies!
Way to go Phil, you absolute madman.

stack of novelty stubby holders

Best gift for beer lovers

That's the best part about stubby holders: They work on every occasion. Even Prince Harry received two stubby holders when he arrived in Australia. They’re gifts that are literally fit for a (future) King! So don't hesitate to grab your holder next time you head to the pub. You’ll be able to accurately claim you have something in common with the Royal family. You cheeky devil.

While there may be discrepancies about the origin of the stubby holder,  we can't deny that it has become an irreplaceable part of Australian culture. Drink your cold bevvie without losing your comfort with your Kurly Wurly Bar stubby holder. In a variety of iconic Aussie designs to match this iconic Aussie invention, you’ll look and feel good sporting this genius piece of fabric.