Want The Perfect Party Shirts For The Sydney Pink Cricket Test? We Have Them!

The McGrath Foundation pink cricket test is undoubtedly an incredible initiative. The inaugural event was held many years ago by Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath and The McGrath Foundation in honour of his late wife Jane and all women who have battled or are battling breast cancer. It has come a long way since then. Indeed, the McGrath Foundation must be applauded for doing so much to support breast cancer and spread awareness in Australia and across the globe.

Kurly's original watercolour illustration of the Sydney pink test

Counted amongst the biggest charitable sporting events globally, the pink cricket test is a festival of its own accord. It's a special occasion and hence needs perfect attire too. But what can you wear to the game that won't only keep you comfortable but will also be fitting for the event? Luckily, Kurly Wurly Bar and our exquisite galah range is here for you.

2 men with matching pink shirts, shorts and hat

Where can I find cool shirts?

Naturally, the cause for the cricket event is one everyone supports. But there's only one problem. There aren't enough pink clothes for men! Unfortunately, pink fashion for men still hasn't gotten the mileage it deserves, and we think this is a real shame.

But there has to be the perfect pink clothes for men for the test, right? After all, they, too, want to show their solidarity. And that's exactly what the Kurly Galah range is designed for.

Geoff Lawson and Kurly wearing the pink galah range from Kurly Wurly Bar

Can guys wear pink?

We intend to make pink fashion for men more famous than ever. We get it, you might be wondering whether the pink party shirts will keep you comfortable or if you’ll even look good in them.

After all, party shirts tend to be more about design and fashion, not comfort. Well, this doesn't hold any weight for the Kurly galah range. Because nothing's more vital than your comfortable and cool aesthetic. We want to ensure you enjoy the game to the fullest, and look your best while doing so.

father and son at cricket in matching pink galah shirts

The pink button-up shirt in the collection will make pink fashion more accessible for men. The shirt's softer than you can imagine. It's incredibly lightweight and comfortable too. And the design leaves no room to complain. The rayon material feels like silk. It's made from wood pulp and is just as breathable as cotton. Wearing the shirt will undoubtedly be a delight.

The casual button-up button-down will give you just the cool and quirky look suited for the day. And the short sleeves will further take care of your comfort. The vibrant colours and beautiful design will make you the star of the day, or if you match along with your mates (as many have done before), you’ll be sure to grab that extra bit of humour and attention throughout the day's festivities - effortlessly!

man with pink outfit at daytime cricket match

What to wear with a mens pink shirt?

For extra oomph, match up with The Galah Shorts for a complete pink outfit, and don’t forget to pack your Galah Stubby holders. While you’re at it, you can keep sun-smart in a pink Galah bucket hat. You can really go all out for this thing, and the more you do, the better you’ll look.

gif of sydney groundskeeper wearing KWB pink bucket hat + socks

Want to know the best part about sporting these pink clothes for men? You manage to make head turns without even trying! There's no need to think about what to wear for The McGrath Foundation pink cricket test. Kurly Wurly Bar has you covered, head to toe, in perfect pink party apparel. Say that three times fast!

group of friends in matching pink outfits outside cricket ground

Don't stress about how to nail pink fashion for men. Simply be ready to be showered with compliments as you casually sip your mid-strength beer. All this while showing your commitment to the fantastic cause of the cricket event. 

There's a reason that quirky Australian fashion is looked up to by the entire world, and these party shirts further seal the deal. Get ready to mark your presence at the charity event, make heads turn with your style, and support a terrific cause while doing so.