Galah Stubby Mit featured on The Living Room

Staying away from your favourite chilled beer for long is never easy, irrespective of how cold the weather is. After all, nothing washes away the fatigue of the day better than leisurely sitting in your warm, cosy home, sipping on a prime brew, and letting the relaxation seep in. Not only that, which get-together can be complete without bottles-up?

Yes, we really can't abstain from beer for long. But wait, what if the beer isn't chilled enough? Or worse, what if it's too cold and the weather is chilly? What if the warm weather affects your beer too? All these situations can be a nightmare for beer lovers. No one wants warm beers and cold hands. Hmm - what can be done about this?

Man and woman with stubby mitts

What is the best stubby holder?

Fear not, we have the solution. There's a reason Australian quirky gifts and designs are famous worldwide. Trust Aussies to come up with the perfect item to solve the beer-holding issue for good. The Stubby Mit is here to ensure you never have to compromise on your beer drinking experience ever again.

We have just the thing to match your Kurly Wurly Bar outfits, threads and do’s while simultaneously getting the perfect party look. Plus, matching stubby holder designs with your party shirts is the ultimate power move. Trust us.

man drinking from 2 stubby mitts in front of market

The Ultimate Solution With A Bit Of Quirk

What's special about the galah mit, you wonder? Wait till you know what it's all about. In fact, a lot of you might already know about it. After all, the item was featured on Channel 10’s The Living Room! Make sure to check it out if you haven't already.

As seen on the program, invention-lover and handyman Barry du Bois shows off our genius little piece of craftsmanship to host Amanda Keller and the wider Australian public. Thanks Barry!

For those who have never heard of the galah mits before, you are in for a great surprise. Our galah mits are designed to solve the problem of drinking cold beer in the cold forever. It's incredible how this rip-snorter gem can take care of an issue that has troubled cold-climate, cold-beer drinkers for generations with one simple yet clever solution.

4 men drinking from novelty stubby holders

What are the best gifts for beer lovers?

So, without further ado, let's not delay anymore and introduce you to this marvellous innovation:

Galah mits are warm gloves knitted from acrylic fibres. But, there's a twist. These special units have a neoprene cooler sewn in. What does this mean? The gloves will ensure your hands stay warm and your drink stays cold. How handy is that.

Maintaining the Australian design tradition, there's a quirky touch to it. The stubby holder designs are cool and creative, consistent with our Kurly brand. You can wear these mits at social gatherings, BBQs, weddings, bucks parties, sleepovers, Nan’s funeral, and any other occasion you can think of. People everywhere will definitely applaud the ingenious innovation.

And you will be deemed a galah (meaning genius) for being bold and brilliant enough to actually think about it and sport it in public, showing off your superior problem-solving skills to the world.

2 men posing with stubby mits

If you have watched The Living Room, you must know that the show aims to make your life easier with innovative items designed for your convenience. And this stubby holder is no exception.

Want to know the best part? These stubby mits make for excellent & easy gifts. After all, everyone likes a cold drink. Here's your chance to make sure your friends and family enjoy their cold ones to their full potential.

man drinking with 2 stubby mitts

Grab one of our 6-packs of regular stubby holders to dish out to your mates during Summer, and make sure you have our Stubby Mit once Winter rolls around. Match it up with a Galah scarf or Hoodie, and you'll be the cosiest & coolest Galah on the block.

Drinking cold beer in cold weather has never been more enjoyable.