Are Bucket Hats Cool? An Investigation

No matter how much time passes, cool bucket hats will never grow old. They are timeless, iconic, and cool.

Wouldn’t you agree that Australian fashion is quirky and fun? We really know how to bring the party with our clothing. Must be that balmy Aussie sunshine.

Indeed, Australian party shirts, stubby holders, and of course, the iconic novelty bucket hats, just have that different flavour to them.

But, have you gone your whole life without placing one of these sacred head adornments on top of your fabulous (if slightly hesitant) noggin? Well son, you have truly been missing out. A good, wide-brim bucket hat has the ability to make you look cooler than ever, and could even make you famous! Don't believe us? We can prove it.

For one thing, they will complement your party shirts perfectly. On top of that, they can be reversible (if designed by the best Aussie clothes-maker in Sydney's north shores). Yes, Kurly Wurly Bar clothing undoubtedly makes dressing up easier than ever.

man with black jacket and sunglasses with pink bucket hat

Are bucket hats cool to wear?

First things first, why should you get a reversible bucket hat? What's so special about it? Well, who wouldn't want two things at the price of one? Yes, our reversible surfer bucket hats give you two hats at the same time.

The high-tech reversible hat provides you with two designs in a single head-holder. Take our reversible galah hat for example. If you want something subtle, sport the low-key grey galah during the day. And get your party hat on during the night. You gotta try it to thrive in it.

lady wearing chiko man bucket hat

Should adults wear bucket hats?

Will I look out of place? I don't want to lag in fashion!

First off, calm down.
You aren't the first one to be thinking along these lines. But you will be pleased to know just how many historic stars have sported a bucket hat at various instances. And pulled it off with confidence and style. Indeed, by daring to don one of these hats, you can look better than your less brave counterparts.

gif of reversible cheezel bucket hat

You must have noticed the local fishermen sporting a bucket hat. So we must thank them for normalising this quirky fashion. But it's not only them. Many stars have been ardent fans of the accessory too.

Gilligan the sailor himself in 1964, Hunter S. Thompson in the 60s and 70s, and Run-D.M.C in 1984 have been fantastic ambassadors for the hat in multiple instances. Not only that, we've seen musicians Tenor Saw, and LL Cool J sporting these too. They are retro and they are cooler than Cool J himself.

You have a chance to share something with these historical stars: Style.
And of course, it offers you comfort too. Bucket hats keep you sun-safe, protecting you from the glaring weather. They enable you to make a style statement too. It’s practicality and style wrapped into one.

man working on laptop with galah bucket hat

Can bucket hats come back in style?

We understand. You wouldn't want to wear anything that makes you appear fashion-challenged. You want to make heads turn for the right reasons. And trust us; bucket hats will do just that.

The best thing about bucket hats is that they are perfect for every occasion. Even more so if you don one of our ripper Kurly Wurly Bar bucket hats. You can wear them during the day to keep yourself protected from the sun. And use them to create the perfect party look during the night. People will ask ‘Who is that cool character in the bucket hat? How can I be their friend?’

white dog wearing a bucket hat

Bucket hats make you appear effortlessly cool. You don't even have to do much. Everything will fall into place with the bucket hat. After all, don't we still marvel at the style of some of these historical stars (and of course, those lovable local fishermen)? This is your chance to be inspired by them and inspire others. Do your head a favour and wrap it up in a bucket hat from Kurly Wurly Bar.